May Meeting Cancellation and End of Year Notice

May Meeting Cancellation and Year End Notice

Greetings Everyone –

I hope all are doing well in these trying times. This year has been a rollercoaster of a year. We have had great meetings including Welding Trivia, Stud Welding, and Augmented Reality Welding. We also got to experience a couple amazing tours at General Electric’s Wind Turbine facility and with The Blacksmith Experience. Unfortunately though, the rollercoaster that goes up must also come down, and so we have had to cancel a few events. With that said, out of safety and concern for our members and guests, we must do our due diligence and the AWS Mobile Section will not participate in the AL Pipe Welders Academy Open House. For those still wishing to attend the event with AL Pipe Welders Academy, you can simply just register through their Facebook account at

Throughout this pandemic there has been a few points of interest with regards to the welding industry. For those who are unsure about the welding industry as a career, keep in mind how things have gone throughout this pandemic. Millions of workers were sent home with little to no notice as they serve industries deemed “non-essential”. The welding industry however, has been included in several of the jobs deemed “essential”. While this certainly includes the welders, it also includes those within the industry that support the welders such as inspection services, manufacturing, management, and distribution. Remember, history repeats itself. The welding industry will be essential tomorrow, just as it was today, whether it’s from another medical pandemic, natural disaster, or war.

While many of us continue to weld each day, this certainly hasn’t been true for many of our welding students. Time lost with a welding torch in your hand certainly cannot be simply replaced by reading about welding. While video’s and readying won’t build the necessary motor skills of a welder, they can keep welding in the mind and educate on topics also essential for a welder to know. AWS National and several other industries have teamed up to provide several resources for their members. Videos, newsletters, podcasts, and articles can all be found on, Miller Electric Resources, Lincoln Electric, ESAB University,, and YouTube.

The AWS Mobile Section has also partnered with Lincoln Electric and AWS National to bring you a couple special educational videos. These two videos are recordings of webinars that Lincoln Electric hosted for key industry personnel. These videos have been given to us for the benefit of our members and can be found exclusively on the below links.

Lincoln Electric Webinar Videos
(Factors That Determine Weld Metal Properties of Submerged Arc Welds)

(Increasing Diameter Inch Productivity in Process Pipe Shop)

Please remember to connect with us via Facebook! Find us by searching “American Welding Society Mobile Section” or at Here you can always find the latest updates on our meetings, events, or reach out to fellow friends and colleagues.

As our year for the Mobile Section comes to an end, the executive committee will begin planning for next year. Now would be a great time for you to get more involved with the Section. There will be opportunities to join the executive board where you can assist in both providing educational opportunities and financial resources to our students and members. Like myself and many others before me, involvement with AWS can only benefit your career and networking. Please reach out to myself or any other executive member for more information on joining our team.

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to serve as your Section Chairman this past year, and I look forward to working with you next year.

Stay safe and take care.


Jody Heusman
AWS – Mobile Section Chairman
(251) 454-6392