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Structural Beam Bending Equations / Calculation Supported on Both Ends Single Load at Center – Engineers Edge

Haynes International, Inc.

Lesson 9 – Estimating & Comparing Weld Metal Costs

The Specialty Steel Industry of North America web site.  (Contains references and hot links to all kinds of stainless and specialty steels.)
SSINA: Specialty Steel Industry of North America

Direct links to Actual Documents Section

Federal Highway Administration general web-site.  (Contains hot links to more Web-Sites.)

US Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration – Heat Straightening Repairs of Damaged Steel Bridges

The “Specifications”  section from the American Institute For Steel Construction Steel Construction Manual 14th Edition

The latest 2009 Research Council on Structural Connections Structural Bolting Specification for structural Steel Applications using High Strength Bolts

New York State Steel Construction Manual for NY State bridge work
Note that this requires several pages from ANSI/AASHTO/AWS D 1.5 2002 Bridge Welding Code to be complete and useful.

AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2002 Section 2 – To be used in conjunction with the NYDOT steel construction manual

AASHTO/AWS D1.5M/D1.5:2002 Section 7 – To be used in conjunction with the NYDOT steel construction manual

General ASME information from the Walt Sperko Web Site.  ( Walt Sperko is a well known and respected expert on all things ASME.  He is a frequent contirbutor to theAWS Welding Journal, a member of ASME and a welding consultant of world wide reknown!)  This web site will lead you to many articles and welding related subjects.

Welding education On-Line

Note the first chapter leads into the other chapters

SSINA (Stainless Steel Industries Association) Stainless Steel Specialist Course

Inspection Issues

Inspection Trends Magazine On-Line

Newport News welding inspector sentenced for lying about inspecting faulty welding on nuclear submarines.  (NOTE!  This person Robert Raymond Ruks was not and never has been an AWS CWI.)

The article below has some basic information about welding symbols and international welding symbols.  It is an instruction booklet for some sort of CAD program, but contains usefull information.

AASHTO/NSBA (American Asssociation of State Highway Transportation Officials & National Steel Bridge Alliance) Collaboration

Steel Bridge Fabrication QC / QA Guide Specification

Recommendations for the Qualification of Structural Bolting Inspectors

On-Line Hot Dip Galvanizing Inspector Course put on by American Galvanizers Association.  Note this course costs $30.00 per module!

Specialty Tools

The hot link below is for a high quality precision beam gage for layout and inspection / verification personnel.