AWS District 15 Winter 2022 Newsletter



I hope everyone had a great Holiday despite having Covid around disrupting our lives. We can only hope that this pandemic will be nearing its end soon.

Section Leaders in District 15 have held in-person events this summer and fall, of course following and implementing covid restrictions. The AWS 2021 District 15 Conference was held at the Grandview Lodge in Nisswa, MN on Saturday June 5th. This was a Hybrid Meeting, both in-person, and virtual Zoom event. The Northwest and the Northern Plains had their annual golf outings this year. Even though the attendance was down a little at these events, they were still able to raise significant funds for their section scholarship programs. AWS President Robert Roth and AWS Vice President Dennis Eck were here visiting Dunwoody College of Technology and Anoka Technical College. There was an “Abrasives” meeting/demonstration held at A-OX Welding Supply in Fargo, ND. There were also two Scout Welding Merit Badge events that took place. One in Fargo, ND and one in Ramsey, MN, both of which were hosted by Lynnes Welding Training. I would like to thank all the event organizers and all the helpers that made these events possible.

Now is time for students to apply for the National, District and Section scholarships. There is also the Welder Training Scholarship that is available to apply for. Each District awards 25 – $1000.00 scholarships. Information on how to apply for these scholarships can found on page 2 of this newsletter. Also, if you are a student whose activities have produced outstanding school and community achievements and who exhibits exceptional leadership skills, I would like to encourage you to apply for the AWS Leadership Symposium which will provide an excellent opportunity for you to grow these qualities and become a future AWS Section leader. More information on how to apply for the AWS Leadership Symposium can be found on page 3 of this newsletter.

Looking forward to attending more Section Activities this year.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me at or 763-221-5951.
Have a great and healthy New Year!

Michael Hanson
AWS District 15 Director


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About AWS District 15:

AWS District 15 currently serves 1,208 members across the following Sections and Student Chapters:


  • Northwest (019)
  • Northern Plains (117)
  • Arrowhead (131)
  • Saskatoon (224)


  • Anoka Technical College
  • North Dakota State College of Science

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