Join Us On 8/19 for presentation by MagneGas Welding Supply and Training Session

AWS Meeting August 19th

Presentation by 

MagneGas Welding Supply

Thursday, August 19th


Workshops for Warriors
2970 Main Street
San Diego, CA

Please come to an in person meeting of the San Diego Section of the
American Welding Society

We will be having a presentation given by MagneGas Welding Supply, and a short technical training session on Welding inside a confined space.

Followed by a short meeting and voting in of new Section Officers/Committee participants.

All members and non-members welcome!


Please RSVP (Email, text, or voicemail)

to Tim Palm @  

or 619 548 7220


About the AWS San Diego Section:

The AWS San Diego Section currently serves 478 members across the following area:

In California to include San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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