Scholarships That Shape Welding’s Future

The AWS Detroit Section helps develop the next generation of welding professionals in the Detroit, Michigan area by providing welding scholarships to students who are attending universities, community colleges, and trade schools.

We provide scholarships to students who are attending universities, community colleges, and trade schools. This year the AWS Detroit Section has awarded 47 welding scholarships totaling $61,000. This Scholarship program is of utmost importance to the Detroit Section and feedback and ideas from all concerned is greatly appreciated. The scholarship process for the 2022-2023 school year will begin December 2021.

Scholarship Night

The AWS Detroit Section hosts Scholarship Night at our September Technical Meeting to honor students who have received scholarships.

2021-2022 Scholarship Winners

On September 9, 2021, the AWS Detroit Section was happy to be able to honor students who received scholarships. This year the ceremony was held at the Ukrainian Cultural Center where 32 students were recognized for their achievements and scholarship awards. 

Dan Wellman

The welding community lost a special person when Dan Wellman left us.  It was those in his welding family that saw the character and grace under pressure that we all came to know and love.  It left an indelible mark on us all.

Jennifer Widina and Dan Wellman

Jennifer Widina and Dan Wellman

Dan joined AWS in 1982.  With the help of an AWS scholarship, he graduated from the welding program at Schoolcraft College.  Capable of talking to anyone in the industry, he did so with much enthusiasm and depth of knowledge. Dan was first appointed to the Executive Committee in 2008 Mike Karagoulis as chairman. His appointment is a little unusual because he had not previously involved as an Executive Committee candidate. Appointees and newly elected members were generally given roles that allowed them time to learn their way around and figure out where they would best fit. It is also beneficial to not scare away prospective Executive Committee members with onerous assignments right out of the gate. Dan did not need either consideration. He hit the ground running with two significant assignments – Bulletin Hotline Editor and Recording Secretary. At the same time! That was his style. Always willing to jump in with both feet to get essential tasks done with little fanfare. He was elected to the Executive Committee in April 2009, elected as 3rd Assistant Secretary one year later, and served as Chair in 2014-2015.

Dan earned the respect of his peers for the way he conducted himself in both his business and personal life. His impact on AWS Detroit and the welding community will be long lasting. The example he set and his hopes for the future will not be soon be forgotten.

Dan held just about every office within the section, and helped with practically every event.  Because of this hard work and dedication, his peers recognized Dan on numerous occasions, both for his contributions to the industry, and the society. These awards include:

  • AWS Life Member 2017
  • Detroit Section Distinguished Service Award – 2018-2019
  • District Meritorious Award 2021
  • AWS Distinguished Member Recognition 2022 (upcoming)

Dan exemplifies an AWS success story; someone the industry invested in with scholarship money early on, who entered our business with lifelong ambitions and paid back AWS repeatedly for many years with time, talent and treasure.  He was truly “one of ours” and “one of a kind.”


We are currently accepting donations for a scholarship fund to honor Dan Wellman. Use the above button to make a donation in Dan’s honor. Please add “Wellman Memory” to the description when submitting your donation.
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Become a Patron

Please show your support for future generations of weld technicians and engineers by becoming a patron. To make a donation to the scholarship fund, make your check payable to AWS-Detroit Section, and mail it to Steve Gucciardo, at the AWS Detroit Section Patrons Committee. You can contact him at (810) 623-6508 or PayPal is available to complete transaction.

Our Patrons

Our sincere thanks and gratitude go out to all of our patrons who provide the funding for our scholarships. These scholarships are used for associate’s certificates in welding technology, as well as two-year programs for students pursing a bachelor of science in manufacturing technology.